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American Indian Philosophy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

American Indian Philosophy - Research Paper Example According to them, we get life from this environment and it helps us to grow up. It is a most foolish thing ever if somebody does not care for the natural environment. It also offers ethical aspects of life for example interpersonal relationships must be kind and free of distrust, people should exercise generosity instead of greed and there should be a worshipful and religious lifestyle rather than implementing on Sunday only religion. 1. Nature and the Physical Universe 1.1. Our Relationship with Natural World Relationship of individuals with the natural world is viewed in different ways by numerous philosophers and theorists. It is specified as an ambiguous and wooly rapport by some philosophers. While at the same time, many theories and concepts contradict with each other. The American Indian school of thought implies that people are the custodians of God on earth. They are sent to take care of this earth and environment. For the sake of reward, God has blessed man with a wide ran ge of facilities to enjoy with. Humanity factor is also an important feature which affects the social life as well as the environment. In the view of other schools of thoughts and religious opinion, it is concerned that human, humanity, ethics, God, Mother Earth and environment are coordinated with each other (Smith and Thomas, 29). An individual has to carry its relationship of custodian which is specified by God. It is an implied duty which ought to be fulfilled by everyone. 1.2. Indian Time The Indian concept of time is rigorously ambiguous and complicated as compared to tradition western concept does. It implies that components in this universe are incessantly shifting, moving and transforming. Static time concept infuses the Indian notion of time. It further entails the phenomenology that an individual can never step in to the same place twice. It is more significant if the conceding effect of Indian notion of time can be observed indeed. In simple words, Indian time is the not ion which describes the wider universality in a sense of continuous shifting around the scope and conditions of the universe. 1.3. Insights in to the Nature of Universe Nature and origin of the universe is explicated through several processes and progressions. The lucid insights towards religious and material world may be identified differently. Following are the views or processes which provide roadmap to create better understanding related to universe and its existence. Dualism: distinction of the parts prevailing in the universe is based upon two different parts such as being and non-being or mind or matter. Monism: this concept provides the basic idea that all is one. The derivation point of this idea is based upon oneness of God. All that is found in the world is directly related to God. This concept is more concerned with religion rather than logic. Monistic Theism: This state occurs anywhere between dualism and monism. Nature of God is derived as inspirational and subjective both. This offers a personal soul oriented relationship with God in an indifference way. Pantheism: It is some kind of extremist view about revealing that all is God and God is all. It permits that everything that exists in the universe is a forceful reaction of emanation of one God. The concept of monism is least favorable in presence of pantheism. 1.4. Meaning of Mother Earth According to a general view, Mother Earth (or sometimes known as Mother Nature) is a kind of personification for nature. It

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